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DigPro Fair
Fair Name:
Date: 5-8/09/2010
Booth no.: B5724

HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show
5-9 March 2014
Japan Tokyo 77th Gift Fair
6-8 Feb 2014
Fashion Week
13-16 Jan 2014
Toys Fair
6-9 Jan 2014
Hong Kong International Jewelry Fair
Optic Fair
6-8 Nov 2013
Mega Show Part 2
27-29 Oct 2013
Mega Show Part 1
20-23 Oct 2013
Watch and Clock Fair
4-8 Sep 2013
Electronic Fair
13-16 Oct 2013
Fashion Week
8-11 Jul 2013
Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair 2013
20-23 Jun 2013
Hofex 2013
7-10 May 2013
Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair
27-30 Apr 2013
Hong Kong Houseware Fair
20-23 Apr 2013
Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition)
13-16 Apr 2013
Hong Kong International Jewellery Show
5-9 Mar 2013
Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter
14-17 Jan 2013
Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair
7-10 Jan 2013
Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers' Show
29 Nov 2012 - 2 Dec 2012
Hong Kong Optical Fair
7-9 Nov 2012
Mega Show Part 2
27-29 Oct 2012
Mega Show Part 1
20-23 Oct 2012
HK Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2012
13-16 Oct 2012
Fashion Access September 2012
27-29 Sep 2012
Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2012
5-9 Sep 2012
Hong Kong Fashion Week
3-6 July 2012
Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair
21-24 Jun 2012
Retail Asia Expo
12-14 Jun 2012
HKTDC Gifts and Premium Fair
27-30 Apr 2012
HKTDC Houseware Fair
20-23 Apr 2012
HKTDC Electronice Fair
13-16 Apr 2012
Fashion Access 2012
28-30 Mar 2012
Asia's Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair
18-21 Feb 2012
HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair
9-12 Jan 2012
HKTDC World SME Expo
1-3 Dec 2011
HKTDC Hong Kong Optical Fair
3-5 Nov 2011
Mega Show 2
27-29 Oct 2011
Mega Show 1
20-23 Oct 2011
Fashion Access 2011
28-30 Sep 2011
HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair
7-11 Sep 2011
7th Hong Kong International Pet Accessory Expo
29-31 Jul 2011
Retail Asia Expo 2011
14-16 Jun 2011
Hofex 2011
11-14 May 2011
HKTDC Gifts and Premium Fair
27-30 Apr 2011
HKTDC Houseware Fair 2011
20-23 Apr 2012
HKTDC HK Electronice Fair
13-16 Apr 2011
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About Us
"DigPro" History:

Sheenwill International (H.K.) Ltd. was established in 2000, the main business nature is export trading for mini studio kit set and photography accessories in the beginning.

After a few years, we accumulated lots of experience about the photography equipment. So we expanded the business and created “DigPro” photography equipment in 2005.

At the same time, we provided the complete service for everyone purchased our product. Such as worldwide technical support service, product warranty, product photography course, etc...... In market assessment, “DigPro” have the highest reputation & good response from customer.

DigPro Mini Studio

We are providing easy and professional product photography to our customers as ultimate goals. Our target customers are who is looking for the professional product photography solution. Because our studio is suitable for all kinds of business nature. After a few years, we have been promoting our product to worldwide brand customers successfully. Such as Coca-Cola, Agnes B, Warner Bros Picture, etc.

DigPro the worldwide customers, well understanding more about
Joining the exhibitions

Since 2009, “DigPro” worked aggressively for joining the different business nature of exhibitions., Including “HKTDC HK Electronics Fair 2011 (Spring Edition)”, “HKTDC HK Houseware Fair 2011”, “HKTDC HK Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair”, “HKTDC HK Watch & Clock Fair 2011”, “HKTDC HK Optical Fair”, “HKTDC HK Toys & Games Fair 2012”, “Asia’s Fashion Jewellry & Accessories Fair 2012”, “HK Fashion Week for Spring/Summer”, “Hofex 2011”, “7th Hong Kong International Pet Accessory Expo”, etc.…..

Our booth always attracts different kinds of business nature customer during all fairs. It is because they find that we are providing a professional photography advise and solution. We appreciated customers are taking the confidence on our product. “DigPro’ is the only one to be invited by all exhibition organizers for joining their exhibitions. We were invited to participate in more than 20 exhibitions in 2011. In proof of the exhibitions, we became the international brand name in the worldwide.

According the positive comments from our customers, we are now stand the top level as a brand of product photography equipments. Now, we would like to expand our business to everywhere in the world by distribution. We are looking for every potential partners to join in our family, if you are interested, please contact us for more details.